“Things used to be, now they not
Anything but us is who we are
Disguising ourselves as secret lovers
We’ve become public enemies
We walk away like strangers in the street
Gone for eternity We erased one another
So far from where we came
With so much of everything, how do we leave
with nothing?
Lack of visual empathy equates the meaning of L-
O-V-E Hatred and attitude tear us entirely”
Chloe Mitchell

I can’t love you this much. I can’t love you this much…


Was watchin a video 2 Chainz & Pharell – feds watching. The song’s on point an what made me like the song even was the main ‘chic’. She is chocolate skinned. As in deep chocolate an she looked ‘fierce’, sexy. That is when i realized magazines are lookin different as well. More chocolate women are bein appreciated. Hoping its not just a ‘trend’ that will soon fade, but FINALLY!! I am not hating on the ‘yellow’ sisters. Its not about you, but how adverts, cosmetic pages perceived bein light as the it thing for decades, if not centuries. It left women craving to be fairer. Wanting to be skinny was almost all forgotten; doing the most craziest of home remedies just to look fairer. Light faces, but dark arms…i had seen plenty of those on the streets an it was hilarious until you really thought about it.

All blame can not be put on the screens. Sometimes you have to blame yourself for believing that God made a mistake when he created you in such a way. Kill that low self-esteem. That follow-the-leader mentality an just be you. The original:-)

or all the earthly beings pass my way everyday,
Little do they do in their ignorance of my existence but look,
I am what I am for I have a feeling I might have a way,
And there u are being yourself making me very excited and understood
All is the way of a someone
Someone who really is just herself in presentation
All true to the core despite the obvious past mistrusts…. All it is, is all what it is…
For all it’s worth life has made a lemonade out of the usual lemons
A beautiful breakfast it has turned out to be
I can just sit and enjoy the freshness of this lemonade …. – T.B.M

Ever since i was a little girl (common line for every woman), it was my dream to graduate, get married, have a blast, mortgage, losts of babies and just grow old with my soul mate. That was my life plan, my I-won’t-take-anything-else life plan. The dating scene started. Quite an interesting male crowd, i had my fun but one of my favorite was a particular boy, whom i thought was a typical ‘guy next door’ figuratively & literally, lol. Turns out he played a big role in my lifeplan. We planned our life together to the T. We were unstoppable. He was in my lifeplan, i was in his. I enjoyed every 6yrs, including its ups and downs. I was damned sure we were in the right direction. Graduated with an honours in Finance, job in place. Man of your dreams, check. Degree, check. Job, check. I mean my life was on a beautiful roll. Then from nowhere i lost a puzzle and gained a puzzle. I fell pregnant, but my ‘soulmate’ abandoned me. I mean how does that happen?? How can any man, especially one you’ve known for 10years decide to walk away?? I won’t lie, for a little while i went awhole!! Blaming him for letting me down and being such a disappointment. I thought my life was over, but it made me realize that no human being is perfect. I made that mistake of thinking he’d never let me down. Never put faith in the human flesh. Someone once told me if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. All this happened for a reason and im sure one of them involved building my spiritual strength. I have never had such strong faith and hope in the Lord that it will all blow over. I have my really low moments, but in general i am finally out of the ‘storm’. Having had the time to take it all in, the anger and resentment, I feel free.

I thank God for my strength because i changed my mindset and looked at what i still have: supportive family and friends and a GORGEOUS baby. I have learnt to have an OPEN life plan. Take it as it comes. Be prepared for anything. Expect nothing from noone. Pray. Love:-) I appreciate the people who have left and i love those who have stayed. When you think positive, positive things happen. Who knows, maybe one day my son’s father will have a heart for his son and help me look after him, otherwise, i can’t go anywhere but up from here:-)

My bones are Zimbabwean, shifting shuffling the
meaning given at birth, categorized rebelled, the
earth smells of me, fashion shuffle let you be told
about me, rain pounding, hands clapping, lightning
striking, fire burning, it’s all survival of the son of
the soil, me who beats his chest, ego tripping, roar like a Lion in distress, I live, soldier on like a buffalo
soldier. Happy 33rd Independence Day to all
Zimbabweans and those who wish the best for us
alike… – BPM

The worst regret we have in life is not the
wrong things we did, but for the
thousands of the right things we did for
the wrong people who ended up with
breaking our delicate hearts. Friends, be
slow in trusting someone. Some people come in our lives to pass time, to explore
our bodies and hearts. People are not only
after love, they have different missions,
just that they blind us with some sweet
care accompanied with a fake common
word “I love you” to soft our hearts. When their mission is done, they change;
they start to get so busy for us. They give
us many excuses; they limit the calls, the
texts, love and care hence breaking our
hearts. And such people are determined,
they can stick around with us even for a year and more before getting what they
want. They can pretend, they can give us
fake promises and some temporary care
until they fulfill their goal. Be CAREFUL.
Not everyone who tells you that He/she
LOVES YOU means it. Don’t rush to give in your heart, take your time, Value your


The Apostle Paul says that all things are permissible for one to do but not all are beneficial
( 1 Corinthians 10v23)..Likewise , you can have any man or woman you want . Yeah sure ,
why not . The truth is however is that not all of the people you want are beneficial for your
life(in the holistic sense). You need to say to some people and ” Yeah , I can have you if I want , but my God has
taught me , not everyone or everything is beneficial to me and I think you fall into that
criteria” There are different types of fuels out there but there will always be the one that gives
optimized efficiency for a particular vehicle. While putting diesel into a petrol car is permissible (i.e nothing stops you from doing it
literally , it can be done regardless of the effects later ) you are going to see when you start
the car that it is not beneficial(it will have to be drained etc if it is to ever work again). That’s
how it is with relationships. You can get anyone and ‘fall in love’ but once they get into your life you will need to get
‘drained ‘ and get a detox because they were not beneficial. *** I CAN CHOOSE TO BE WITH THEM BUT MY SYSTEM OPERATES AT A MUCH HIGHER LEVEL , IT